The StairSteady helps you to keep your independence on your stairs while staying safe.

The StairSteady is a high quality fixed handrail and a sliding supporting handle that moves freely when pushed but locks in place when weight is applied. It acts as firm support for either climbing or coming down the stairs.

The handle is sturdy and secure and lets you have both hands in front of you as you climb or descend the stairs at your own pace. Once you reach the top or bottom the handle folds neatly away letting you stay independent without having to compromise on appearance.

What is StairSteady?

The StairSteady is the ideal solution if you have some difficulty getting up and down the stairs but do not require a stairlift.

The innovative device is made up of a handrail attached to the wall and a handle that provides support while you use the stairs. The handle locks in position when weight is applied allowing you to pull yourself up the stairs and
then slide it forwards so that you can climb the next step or two. The handle is used in the same way when coming down the stairs, providing additional security and support.

The StairSteady can be installed with two steadying handles for cases where two people need support.

The StairSteady Story

The StairSteady was invented by Ruth Amos when she was just 16, as part of her GCSE resistant materials project.

The design was created in response to her teachers challenge to design an aid for people with limited mobility to use the stairs. This led to her being named “Young Engineer for Britain 2006”, launching her own business and exhibiting at Naidex for the first time in 2008.

The StairSteady was awarded the ‘Product of the Year’ 2013 by the British Healthcare Trade Association.

Who's it for?

  • For individuals who have some difficulty getting up and down the stairs but do not require a stairlift;
  • Users of rollators or walkers;
  • Users of grab rails;
  • Users of bath boards and raised toilet seats; and
  • People who want to remain active and independent in their own home.

Key Features

  • Enables people to remain active and independent in their own home;
  • Maintains mobility while providing security and support;
  • Can be fitted in situations where a stairlift installation may not be possible; and
  • Discrete and unobtrusive design that blends in with most decors

Interesting Facts

  • 50% say that they don’t have stairs big enough for a stairlift to be fitted;
  • 17% say they find it very difficult (scoring 9-10) to use the stairs safely; and
  • 52% say they find it very difficult (scoring 9-10) to sleep in their upstairs bedroom, rather than the lounge or kitchen.

How it works...

The StairSteady handle uses a unique patented friction lock, utilising a combination of rubber and PTFE pads.

As the handle is pushed up the handrail by the user, the PTFE pads are in contact with the rail allowing it to slide smoothly.

When weight is applied the rubber pads are pushed against the rail and act as the brake, locking the handrail in position.

The key benefits...

When the use of stairs becomes more difficult, one of the main concerns is the fear of slipping and falling on the way down. The StairSteady provides peace of mind and acts as a barrier if the user trips and falls.

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Stay at home independence for people who have difficulty using their stairs. Manufactured under licence in Melbourne, StairSteady System is a high-quality handrail system that folds out of the way when not in use. It is like receiving help from a steadying hand on the stairs, allowing you or a loved one to move between floors and helping to prevent falls.

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